It's Karolina here and my first feed, be patient please. It's gonna be about me.

I'm 23 yo, I'm studying and actually I need to write my master thesis so I decided to create a blog. Its excellent moment for that! It'll be about books, coffee (not sure what I can read about that) and about life, because it's sucks.

Maybe not really sucks but pissed me of. Yeaaah, I love life and I'm tryin to celebrate it but I'm really grumbly. I like to think and I definetly analyze everything too much (it's because of book Im sure as hell). Im bookacholic but I don't have that fancy bookshelf, instead I have two, too smallm, shelfs. I don't even read to many books in my life, and definetly not these great and classic one. I'm potterhead. I was crazy about Twilight. I used to love Grey as well but I hate myself because of that. Shit. Im young adult or new adult type. Don't know. Criminal, thriller. I am just so TYPICAL. When I read something diferrent, like non-fiction I'm freakin proud of it as if I ran a half marathon.

Yeah - I run. I eat whole bar of chocolate, maybe two and Im going for 8-10km, I am putting my earphones and I live the characters life. Because mine pissed me of, but I aready said that. And then complain that I am fat. I love coffee. Black one, without sugar or milk. Only black coffee have sense.

I don't know how to write reviews. Definetly not for publishing. My reviews are just emotional, that's why I want to have that blog as my diary. It's gonna be really chaotic.

I'm freak. Weird. I love to write in english even if I can't. I read mostly in english so I even thinkin like characters from books. You know, I can curse in english or something... That's why even if I'm SURE that no-one not from Poland gonna read it i still want to write in english as well. Because i like it and because its good lesson for me. And because I AM just like that. But I know it could be many mistakes here, so sorry (or is it too late? lol).

I used to do many stuff on Internet since childhood so that's why im still little crazy about blogs, photos etc. Propably I'm not to good with writing or takig photos but, how they say DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. And yup, that whole BOOKSTAGRAM's world makes me happy. That give me some little purpose in my life. I think they call it... hobby? Hum.

How its happened that I love to read? Since HP ofcourse. Still wondered if i would like to read if I didn't get two first parts of it from my auntie at holy communion. What if I didn't screw my family and didn't hide in my room with that weird book in my hands? Who knows

I love to read, I like to write and invate some stories. I have my world where I can escape and hide. Don't get me wrong, I am realistic as fuck, but who don't let me dream?

I love You. You and You, even if I don't know your name or even if you're much younger and beauty than me and definetly more talented (damn you). You gave me wings and now I'm gonna just fly. And everyone gonna hate me. Thank you very much.